How to Find an SEO That Is The Right Fit

this lens' photoChoosing An SEO That Is A Good Fit Is Tough

After spending countless hours and losing sleep over choosing the right consultant to help rank our website in search engines, I thought I could shed some light on the process to help others. Since most business owners nowadays have a website, and are searching for ways and help improving their online presence it seems sharing this info could be helpful for many people.As easy as finding an SEO may seem at first, it can be tough to select a consultant that is the right fit for a company. This guide will help guide in the process! We will go over some common red flags to watch out for from the people to avoid and then we will go over the green lights one can expect from qualified providers. After reading this guide one should feel confident in choosing an SEO that fits the needs specific to a particular website.

Sifting Through Search Engine Optimization Providers

Red Flags and Green Lights to Finding the Right Fit

Many business owners have achieved getting a website, but many have yet to find a reliable SEO provider. It is important for businesses to be able to garner search traffic for their websites, but they often times struggle to find a good service provider.It can be a challenge today to find a trustworthy search engine optimization specialist. There are some red flags that one can look out for when trying to find a good search engine optimization provider. This guide will help to weed out the bad guys from the good so that one can hire the right firm to help increase search traffic.Below are some of the red flags to look out for. It is easy to narrow out some providers, before starting to consider the rest.

Red Flag: High Pressure Sales Calls With Template Solutions

There is no one size fits all solution to search engine optimization. Long gone are the days where a few backlinks was all it took to dominate the search results for a targeted niche. Due to so many updates to Google’s algorithm, it is essential now to have a custom well thought out strategy due to today’s competitive landscape. It will take a combined effort in optimizing multiple factors for weeks, months, and or years depending on the goals of the search campaign.

So, keep an eye out for a sales call or email from a provider claiming to have a proven solution, ask them if it involves a template website. Template websites do not rank as well in Google, they often have duplicate content issues and are penalized as a result.

Next, ask them where the back links they build will come from. Are they from the same sources that link to all of the “SEO company’s” clients? Ideally natural and diverse backlinks are desirable, so links from link farms such as this can actually penalize a website and remove it from search results.

Yodle is one notorious example of a service provider that will call and try to pressure business owners to sign up for a template service!

Red Flag: Paid Link Packages

If a company approaches a business with a paid link package, chances are the links are spammy and could negatively impact the business’ search rankings. Unless a business owner has enough experience with search optimization to decipher between a quality link building plan and a black hat or risky link building plan, then avoid anyone trying to sell link packages.

Green Light: Custom Solutions for A Specific Market, Design, and Audience

A good quality service provider will dig deep analyzing a website and it’s online presence. In doing so they will be able to offer a custom solution tailored to a search market, branding, web design, and content. After all, a successful search marketing campaign will take optimizing many factors in all of the aforementioned areas.

    • A trustworthy consultant will perform current keyword research and generate unique ideas for strategies targeting a number of different sets of keywords prospective customers search for.
    • Good SEOs will analyze a backlink profile as well as competitor’s to see if there are opportunities to acquire valuable links to a website.
    • Quality companies take the time to fully understand a business and marketing objectives to properly optimize content on a website.
    • An experienced professional will incorporate best user experience design elements and practices into the optimization of websites.

An example of a high quality firm would beĀ Volume SEO, an Austin SEO Company. It is a small dedicated team that will take the time to learn a business, objectives, and prepare a quality search engine marketing strategy as a result.

Green Light: Custom Link Building Plans
A high quality firm will not approach businesses with a link package, but rather a plan. Professionals will seek out relevant websites in a target niche to acquire links on. Some quality links that one can expect a good provider to offer would be:

    • Major Business Directories, such as Yelp
    • Quality Guest Posts on relevant websites
    • Limited quality blog commenting
    • Link promotion of “link bait” or high quality content

So, use this guide to choose a legit service provider. Remember to look out for high pressure sales tactics and template solutions being used the same across hundreds or thousands of customers. What a business wants in an SEO is a high quality trustworthy provider. One who will learn, understand, and analyze specific business needs and internet marketing objectives coming up with the best custom solution for search engine optimization.